Functional Neurocognitive Disorders

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Functional Neurocognitive Disorders


Are you suffering from anxiety, depression or foggy thinking?  Are you unable to sleep, concentrate, remember everyday details, or focus your thoughts?

Dr. Powell has the programs and therapies to help you have more peace in your life.

Ad(H)D Advocacy

Peak Performance Program

Having your child diagnosed with AD(H)D can be overwhelming. Putting your child on a pharmaceutical stimulant can pose ethical and emotional challenges.

ADD Therapy

Therapy to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, build skills and learn ways to reduce the intensity of symptoms.


Anxiety & Depression Therapy

Therapy to help you understand why you feel the way you do, to learn about your triggers and how you can change your reaction to them.


Therapy that uses magnetic stimulation to treat and heal your brain.

Functional EEG Brain Mapping

Therapy that measures the electrical patterns of your brain to help identify the right treatments.

Insomnia Therapy

Therapy to identify and remove the factors that condition your mind to resist sleep.

Functional Neurocognitive

Peak Performance Program

Young or old, we are all susceptible at some point in our lives to struggle with anxiety, depression, insomnia, short-term memory loss, or difficulty with focusing or concentration.

Mindful Stress Reduction

Are you ready to escape your stressful day, let go and forget about your worries, even if it is for a moment or two? Infinity Wellness Center’s Mindful Stress Reduction Session will treat you to two hours of relaxation for your body and mind…

Post-Concussion & Brain Trauma

Post-concussion and brain trauma can occur in an instant. What most people don’t realize is that brain trauma doesn't always come from a car accident or other head injury.

PTSD Therapy for Active& Retired Service Men

Are you an active or a retired service member struggling with PTSD and having difficulty with depression, anxiety or insomnia?  Infinity Wellness Center may be able to help.

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Dr. Powell is the best doctor I have ever had. I have a back injury that happened 20 yrs ago that I still deal with. 2yrs ago I started to see Dr. Powell because after back surgery, fractured vertebrae, and a back fusion my back still wasn’t better. With constant appointments at first and then tapering off after that I see him about once every couple of months. After 18yrs of pain all day, every day, I finally found the solution and have never felt better. I’ve been able to go back to the gym, get back in shape, and I can almost run again without pain. This is the man to see if you’re in constant pain.


I have been suffering from hip bursitis for years and although I had never tried acupuncture it is now a benefit on my health insurance, so I decided to give it a try. Dr Powell was thorough in my consultation and then explained everything in detail during my therapy appointments. I had four appointments in two weeks and I’m feeling great. I would definitely recommend Infinity Wellness and Dr Powell for all different types of therapies.


Dr. Powell is wonderful and attentive. He takes time to really listen to the issues I’m having with my neck and shoulders, and he knows just what to do to help fix the issue. His medical knowledge is amazing and was able to explain everything to me in a way that I would understand.


Dr. Powell is a person that I know my son and I will both look back on as someone who had a huge impact on each of our lives. After receiving treatments for ADD, my son is a whole new kid. His quality of life has increased in a way I never knew was possible! I myself have been searching for solutions to my neck pain for 13 years and until visiting Infinity Wellness, have never found anything that helped for more than a couple of hours. I’m finally feeling more like my normal self!


Dr. Powell will go above and beyond for his patients. Exceptional doc and great guy! If you are looking for acupuncture or natural medicine call him ASAP for an appointment. You won’t be disappointed.


Doctor Powell is the best. Extremely sensitive to how you feel. And has made my depression and pain a lot better. He has done wonders for my back and neck pain. I recommend him to all.


I love coming in to get acupuncture here. He is so educational with what he does and I appreciate that more than most people. I have never felt so energetic, balanced, and clear-minded. I will continue to see Dr. Powell. My body, mind, and spirit are calm and clear. It will be cool to see the other points of acupuncture when we get there.


I feel a sense of trust and honesty with Dr. Powell. Also, I can deeply discuss my health and feel I’m actually listened to. Rare in the health care arena.